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FEIF WorldRanking: Changes as of 2014

After 15 years of WorldRanking the Sport Committee has decided that it is time to renew the

requirements for WorldRanking Events. It would also help organisers to ensure that the event

is meeting international standards. The aim is still to keep results comparable and that

judging is done in a proper way.


The following changes in the requirements for WorldRanking tests will be implemented as of


1. The required number of judges per WorldRanking test with an international sport license

will be raised from 2 to 3, at least one having his/her residence in another country.

2. The time that judges are judging has to be limited to reasonable hours, to ensure proper

judging. This means a maximum of 10 hours at the tournament per day including a meal

plus short breaks every two hours plus all other breaks.1

3. Equipment/injury checks on all horses in the finals and at least 25% of the horses in

preliminary rounds in WorldRanking tests; the required forms are available on the FEIF


4. In order to keep results in especially Five Gait F1 and F2 comparable, only 250 m oval

tracks are allowed for all oval track classes (no 200 m or P-tracks)

5. As WorldRanking events are events with an international audience (at least with judges

from other countries) it is mandatory that the speaker announces in English (as well) or at

least in a language all judges (and preferably riders and public) can understand

These changes have been presented at the Annual Sport Meeting 2013.

30 October 2013

1 This means that a judge entering the competition grounds at 08:00 has to have finished his / her

duties before 18:00 h.

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